Woodblok is a start-up in the development-construction industry that offers exclusively RE2031-compliant houses with the Passivhaus and Bâtiment à Energie POSitive (BEPOS) labels. They are 100% built in France in assembly units. This production method, known as « off-site construction », is actively supported by the government.

10 million new homes are to be built with an ECD class A by 2050, meeting the performance threshold of the RE2028 standards at least.

This represents 400,000 homes per year for a construction turnover of 50 billion euros.

Our ambition: to become the French Boklok of Passivhaus

The success of the Boklok company is particularly inspiring, with its model combining prefabrication and standardization. The result of a joint venture between Skanska and Ikea, Boklok offers houses delivered in kit form that can be assembled in one day. By cutting buildings into sub-assemblies or modules, the company standardizes construction and saves on quality, time and cost, while being financially viable.

Roadmap 2023

Raise 1.5 M€ to start the activity
Build the first team
Win the support of the CHROS call for projects from France Relance
Generate 100 orders for 2024
Inaugurate the assembly plant and build the first on-site demonstration showroom

Roadmap 2024

Complete the fund raising of 3 M€ at the start of the factory + 2 M€ in non-dilutive
Build 113 houses for 10 000 m2
Generate 194 orders to fill the 2025 activity
Inaugurate the 2nd demonstrator showroom in Marne-la-Vallée
Completion of the demonstrator for multi-storey buildings with a floor area of 2 floors
To reach a zero EBITDA at the end of the year

Maxime Brard, a graduate of the ESSEC Real Estate Management Master’s program, is the founder of Woodblok. He has 20 years of experience in residential development and construction in France and abroad. He was notably Sales Director for Bouygues Immobilier in France, Poland and Belgium.

Contact: 06 43 78 25 43 | maxime@woodblok.fr