Woodblok is a start-up in the development-construction industry that offers exclusively RE2031-compliant houses with the Passivhaus and Bâtiment à Energie POSitive (BEPOS) labels. They are 100% built in France in assembly units. This production method, known as « off-site construction », is actively supported by the government.

Price – Quality – Delivery

A Woodblok home is manufactured and pre-assembled 100% in France. This virtuous construction method, known as « off-site construction », is actively supported by the French government.

  • Installation in one day
  • Carbon footprint reduced by 65%
  • Energy consumption of no more than 2€/day

Since our beginnings in 2013, we have completed several POC projects recognized for their thermal and environmental performance. Building on this track record, our aim is to scale up with our range of comfortable, affordable, healthy homes with low environmental impact.

10 million new homes are to be built with an ECD class A by 2050, meeting the performance threshold of the RE2028 standards at least.
This represents 400,000 homes per year for a construction turnover of 50 billion euros.

Our ambition: to become the French Boklok of Passivhaus

The success of the Boklok company is particularly inspiring, with its model combining prefabrication and standardization. The result of a joint venture between Skanska and Ikea, Boklok offers houses delivered in kit form that can be assembled in one day. By cutting buildings into sub-assemblies or modules, the company standardizes construction and saves on quality, time and cost, while being financially viable.

Key dates


Foundation of Ecolocost

The aim is to produce POCs of low-cost, eco-friendly homes.




1rst wood-frame BEPOS-Effinergie 2013 house in France





1rst 100% electric BEPOS 2017 and E+C- house in France



Le domaine d’Adèle: France’s 1rst program of 26 triple-labeled homes, 10 years ahead of regulations


From Ecolocost to Woodblok

Ecolocost changes its name and visual identity to become Woodblok, with a much more ambitious objective: construction, development and real estate property management

1st round of fund-raising for the opening of an assembly plant in Essonne

Roadmap 2024

  1. Build 40 RE2031 houses
  2. Generate 80 orders to fill the 2025 activity
  3. Inaugurate our first assembly plant and build the first on-site demonstration showroom

Maxime Brard, a graduate of the ESSEC Real Estate Management Master’s program, is the founder of Woodblok. He has 20 years of experience in residential development and construction in France and abroad. He was notably Sales Director for Bouygues Immobilier in France, Poland and Belgium.

Contact: 06 43 78 25 43 | maxime@woodblok.fr